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"I have extensive experience of working in both Sales and Management roles across a number of markets: 10 years in IT, primary teaching, over 10 years in beauty business. Highly motivated individual with proven ability at both operational and strategic level, who consistently exceeds objectives whilst maintaining a high level of customer focus throughout.

I am passionate and dedicated Micropigmentation specialist, offering a variety of confidence-boosting and life-changing micropigmentation solutions for both men and women:

Scalp Micropigmentation: effective non-surgical hair loss solution with immediate results for men and women struggling with the physical and mental effects of hair loss issues such as Alopecia, pattern baldness and thinning hair.

I am fully insured and licence practitioner. I love what I do."
Halyna Enhance Scalp


Owner and Practitioner


I can’t speak highly enough of the treatment I received from Halyna at Enhance Scalp. Halyna was meticulous and professional in all the steps from assessment to booking the sessions and to final results. Halyna was very patient and would take her time to deliver the expected results what you are waiting for. I am so happy with the end result and would highly recommend Enhance Scalp to anyone thinking about having SMP.
Mr. W
I had been thinking about having SMP done for a while as my hair is very fine and dark which makes my scalp very visible. I had been going to Halyna for other treatments so I started discussing SMP with her I had ALOT of questions! She talked me through everything and answered all my questions thoroughly and put me at ease. I had three sessions in total and it has made not only a massive difference appearance wise but also a massive difference in my confidence. It has made my scalp appear more fuller and I am not constantly conscious of it and trying to hide it. I would recommend Halyna to anyone who is considering this treatment and for any other treatment for that matter... she is fantastic!!
Mrs. H

Micropigmentation Facts

Pigments are charcoal based and do not consist of any constituent colours whatsoever and therefore can never change in colour.

The treatment is performed by SMP trained practitioner using specialist pigments created for the scalp only, not tattoo ink.

How often you require touch ups depends on various factors such as your immune system, how you look after your treatment and UV exposure.

Pigments are 100% safe with no side effects and do not contain any harsh chemicals.

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